1/2017 - Industrial Measurement and Control passes its ISO/IEC - 17025 reaccreditation audit with no major or minor problems again.

1/2017 - IMC completed BASF Polyol Reactor upgrade project in Wyandotte Michigan. This project also included (SIS) using safety instrumented systems to complement their process control systems.

1/2017 - IMC currently was awarded a modernization project for Flat Rolled Leveling. PLC and HMI modernization. Customer requested and accurate display and record of Leveler Roll Positioning

1/2017 - IMC hires Rob Heredy Rob brings 12 years of Industrial Control Automation Field Service and Maintenance

12/2016 - Dover Power and Light continues its partnership with Industrial Measurement for its excellent service from Dave Crissman.

11/2016 - IMC Field Service and Modernization is currently active with Flat Rolled Slitting Line project. This project will increase Reliability with modernization of the PLC, Drive, and HMI. Improved Uncoiler and Rewind Pneumatic Brake Tension Control

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Calibration Capabilities

Industrial Measurement & Control is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited Laboratories that comply with this International Standard also operate in accordance with ISO 9001 or ISO 9002. Expert Calibration for your Multi- Vendor Environment

Temperature - Thermocouple, calibrators, thermometers, thermocouple, optical.

RTD Pressure/Vacuum - Pressure gauges, pressure transducers.

Mass - Weight sets, scales, electronic.

Electrical - Volts, milliamps, frequency, amps, air.

Force - Force gauges, tensiometers, force transducers.

Level - Pressure, radar, sonic.

Ph - Conductivity - Speed, humidity, flow, air, water.

Typical Manufacturers - Honeywell, Yokogawa, Endress Hauser, West, Eurotherm, Bailey, General Electric, Leeds Northrup, Omega, Allen Bradley, Semiens, Thermoelectric, ABB.

Electrical / Electronic Capabilities
IMC Control offers complete metrology solutions for calibration and repair of electrical instrumentation to meet your most stringent documentation and quality system requirements.

Electrical Standards - Meter calibrators, standard cells, zener references, standard resistors, standard capacitors, standard inductors, LCR meters.

Signal Sources - Signal generators, sweep oscillators, frequency synthesizers, function generators, pulse generators, power supplies, frequency oscillators.

Fibre Optic Instruments - Light sources, optical power sensors, optical attenuators, optical spectrum analysers.

Digital / Analogue Meters - Voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, wattmeters, digital multimeters.

Oscilloscopes - Analogue, digital, storage, sampling.

Typical Manufacturers - Hewlett Packard, Fluke, Tektronix, Wavetek/Datron, Boonton, General Radio, Electro Scientific, B & K Precision, Omega, Keithley, Lambda.